College Wrester Recruiting

The College Wrestler Recruiting

The #1 tool to connect athletes with opportunities to enter the next stage of their wrestling careers. They help build an athletes profile that will be seen by many different coaches. Coaches from all levels of college wrestling. If you have the desire to wrestle in college, we highly believe there is a place to wrestle. We do not promise full ride scholarships or scholarships of any size for anyone. The coaches and programs dictate what is available within their guidelines. You may be a wrestler that could receive scholarship money in many different avenues, you may be a wrestler that can receive a preferred walk-on. They will help you get exposed to the coaches and programs to compete at the college level. There are so many opportunities. They can help you understand what fits best for you. If you are committed to wrestling at the college level they will do our best to help you get there. This paid service is relatively in expensive and offers athletes a great way to promote them selves!

The Lowell Holiday Tournament Features some of the best tournaments in the region and we are happy to partner with College Wrestler Recruiting to enable the athletes to take the next steps after their time wrestling at the George Bossi Lowell Holiday Tournament.